About Us

Court Reporting Services

We are a boutique firm that focuses on companies who are very particular about the quality of service they expect from a court reporting agency. We are a reporter-owned business and our clients depend on us to deliver high quality, error-free transcripts. All of our reporters are Certified Shorthand Reporters. A large majority of our work is medical malpractice litigation, which requires that we have the best and most accurate reporters working with us.

We have very large clients we work with on huge multi-party insurance bad faith cases. Other clients are premier civil defense firms and rely on our experience for their multi-party medical malpractice litigation cases.

Our Reporters

Our reporters routinely handle dailies, expedites, realtime/LiveNote connection requests, rough drafts, and because we are a boutique company, we can satisfy even the most demanding client requests with individual attention to their unique needs.

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